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What is Acrobatics?

The art of performing acrobatic gymnastic feats. A spectacular display of agility. Our competition teams for acrobatics focus on the performance of extraordinary feats of balance, agility, and motor coordination.  Acrobatic movements are meant to blend in seamlessly to dance routines to music. 

What is Technique?

Technique is the most important part of Acrobatics and dance.  We teach correct acrobatic and dance technique to give our students the best chance of succeeding.  Without technique, it is hard to stay safe.  It is important to know how to do skills and movements correctly by trained & trusted instructors.

What is Hip Hop?

is a genre of dance that is hard to find here on the shoreline.  Hip hop is very intricate and upbeat moves to uplifting and fun songs.  Unlike other genres, Hip Hop is less strict and is more laid back.  Our competition teams prepare for our competition season (SPRING) with extremely well trained, experienced hip hop dancers and chorographers over the three trimesters to prepare for performance. 


Our objective is to give our families and students an open, caring and empowering environment to learn and grow through movement.  We hope to be a part of helping your child gain confidence within themselves, while working through challenges inside and outside of the studio.  We strongly encourage our students to be themselves in a safe and uplifting space. 

About Us

The spot is a training facility for acrobatics and hip hop. We are a supplemental training facility for dancers, cheerleaders, and gymnasts who want to improve their acrobatic skills and possibly learn hip hop. Hip hop is typically a new genre that is growing a lot of interest. Hip hop is limited in other dance studios. We offer classes, as well as a very successful Junior and Senior League competition teams.  We have a wide variety of people who come to our facility.  We have beginners who have never done it before.   We also have gymnasts who want to come and get extra tumbling time.  We have dancers who want to learn skills like aerials to incorporate into their solos and routines, and then we have cheerleaders who come to learn back handsprings and skills needed to enhance their competition routines. 

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